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Questions to Ask Your Movers in Birmingham, AL

Your move date is almost here! Are you prepared?

Do you have a list of questions to ask before you decide on a moving company in Birmingham, AL? Choosing the right moving company doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s a few questions to help you pick the right company:

Are you a company rep or a broker?

Just like there are travel agents, moving brokers match you with a moving company. Not only are the brokers unable to offer a firm quote, they usually aren’t responsible for any loss or damage to your personal goods. It’s best to go directly to the source and work with a rep from the company you plan to hire.

What Services does my Moving Quote Include?

Make sure you know what you are paying for. Do you want help with packing and unpacking, or are you just looking for help with loading and unloading? Are there any special considerations the movers need to factor into your quote? Here’s a few things you should be sure of when you get your moving quote:

-Large Items (pianos, gun safes, etc.)

-Fuel or Other Hazardous Items

-Stairs or Elevators

-Narrow Doorways



Any of the professional moving companies in and around Birmingham SHOULD cover all these details over the phone with you. EASY MOVES will always ask you about stairs, heavy items, or hazardous materials. We gather details on the items in each room so we know what to expect on your moving day.

How do you Accept Payment?

And what are the terms? You shouldn’t hire movers in Birmingham, AL if cash is their only accepted form of payment. Be sure that your movers are clear about each and every payment term before they show up at your house. Fly-by-night movers are typically easy to spot if you’re on the lookout for common signs like this.

Do you maintain INSURANCE?

If your items aren’t insured, you’re taking a big risk. Make sure your belongings are safe during the moving process just in case there’s an accident. Reputable moving companies should hold insurance to help protect your stuff.

How Do You Deal With Damaged Items?

Find out what the moving company does in the event of damaged or broken items. Any reputable moving company in Birmingham should have a reimbursement policy in place. Make sure you know what the movers are responsible for before they show up.

Looking for Reputable Moving Companies in Birmingham, Alabama?

Easy Moves is a trusted leader in the Birmingham community. We’re licensed, insured, and a tobacco-free employer. At Easy Moves, we take care to wrap and pad all furniture so your items arrive just like you left them.

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