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Everything You Need to Know About Moving Boxes

Boxes! It seems like they are everywhere until it’s time to move…

Then you’re stuck begging the employees at the grocery store if you plan to DIY your move. If you go through a moving company, they can usually provide you with plenty. But no matter how you handle your move, you’re going to need boxes. What sizes? How many? This article will help you choose the right boxes and pack more efficiently.


At Easy Moves, we want to take the headache out of your next moving experience. Our goal is to be known as one of Birmingham’s most helpful moving companies. To make your next move an EASY MOVE, we put together this guide to moving boxes.

All About Moving Boxes – Small or Medium Boxes

Small and medium boxes are great for moving heavier items. Large boxes tend to fall apart if you fill them with too much weight. But medium boxes can be great for moving your heavy items. Books, pots and pans, small appliances, and stereo equipment are all great candidates for a medium box.

Large Boxes – All About Moving Boxes

Pantry items are a great fit for a large box. Place heavier items in the bottom and then lighter items on top. You’re probably going to use large boxes the most during your next move. They are versatile and convenient.

Extra Large Moving Boxes

Some of your items are just going to be too large to fit into a regular box. So, you will probably need at least a few extra large moving boxes. These are best used for packing stuffed animals, bedding, and other large home decor items.

Kitchen Packing Boxes

These are specially designed to protect your glassware, plates, and bowls during a move. They are usually made of corrugated cardboard with double-wall construction. They offer more protection than a regular moving box.

Specialty Moving Boxes

Picture boxes used to transport artwork and wardrobe boxes with hangers fall into this category. Sometimes items are difficult to safely move without a specialty moving box.

Make Your Next Move an EASY MOVE

When it’s time to start packing up your things, call Easy Moves. We keep a stockpile of boxes and packing materials ready to go. If you’re looking for someone to handle the packing and unpacking for you, give us a call. We’re Easy Moves of Birmingham, Alabama. Our goal is to make your next move an EASY MOVE.

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