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5 Packing Tips | Birmingham Movers

Packing can be the most confusing time in your move, especially with all the boxes, packing tape and labeling. Whether you choose to let us do it all with our full-service moving, or elect to do it all yourself; packing will be a breeze with advice from Easy Moves.


TIP 1: Pack your essential items first.

About a week in advance, make a list of all the essential items you will need before and on your move day. Remember to keep these items separate from the things that you will be packing up.  If you are having trouble thinking of items to add to your list, think about what you might need if you went on a weekend vacation! Also, remember to put your packing invoice from your move day and any other important paperwork pertaining to your move into a labeled envelope for easy access. This should be the last box that’s loaded onto the moving truck.

TIP 2: Use see-thru bins to pack the items you will need when you first arrive.

A few days before your move day, make a list of the items that you’ll need immediately upon your arrival. Items you might want to include are cleaning supplies, paper plates and cups, toilet paper, charging cables, anti-bacterial hand wipes and bottled water. Group items in plastic see-through bins so that you’ll know by looking what you have in them.  Your plastic bins should go onto the truck last along with your essential items.  

TIP 3: Use plastic zipper bags to hold smaller parts of larger items.

On move day, as you or your moving team disassemble large items for moving, use plastic zipper bags keep small screws and other parts with the disassembled item. Tape each zipper bag to the back of the larger item. Then, when you arrive at your destination, you’ll be able to find parts and reassemble your larger items with ease because the parts are right there!

TIP 4: Pack items into suitcases and baskets for your move.

To limit the number of boxes you will need for your move, use your suitcases and laundry baskets to transport items during your move. After packing your suitcases and baskets, use a permanent marker and masking tape to label them. You’ll find that placing a large item, clothing or stacking heavy books into a wheeled suitcase makes your move so much quicker!

TIP 5: Labeling your boxes makes unpacking and settling in easier and quicker.

Pack up all remaining items into moving boxes and use a permanent marker to label the sides and top of each box with the room it came from. An easy way to keep your boxes from getting mixed up is to work in one room at a time packing and labeling all the boxes before moving on to the next room. Load boxes room by room onto the moving truck. Then, when you arrive you can unload the boxes by room without confusion.

If you need help with your residential or commercial move, you can count on Easy Moves. We handle it all from planning to unloading!  “Moving Made Easy” with Easy Moves Birmingham!