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Moving Company Marketing Resources: Free-to-use Infographics about Moving and Storage

Here’s a free resource for anyone in the moving industry! Feel free to use this image for any of your marketing needs. We just ask that you follow any relevant copyright laws and link back to us whenever you share this image online. We’ve included a convenient code snippet below the image for you to copy this image onto your site. Enjoy!

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free to use moving company infographic for marketing

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Did you know?

Summer is the busiest time to move. Statistics show that the most moves happen on Friday, between May and December. It’s best to schedule your move ahead of time with your moving company to be certain you’re moving at a good time.

“Faster, Faster!”

People are moving into their homes faster than ever before. From the moment those trucks pull away, to the unpacking of the last box, statistics show that it’s taking people less time to settle into their homes. Now isn’t that something?

Why Move?

There are lots of great reasons to move. Like family, employment, school or even a nice, new, beautiful home. Statistics show that when questioned, 42.2% said they were moving to a larger home. 27.4% said they were moving for family-related matters, and 20.2% moved for employment. That means that only 10.2% of people moved for other reasons. Neat, huh? We think so.

No matter your reason for a move, we want for you the best experience possible. We hope you enjoy your new home and the fun that comes with exploring a new place. Have a great move!