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While it’s always nice to have your move planned, unfortunately, when it comes to the weather, that is an impossible task. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate your moving day no matter what the weather.

Talk It Out

Before Moving Day decides to sneak up on you, make sure you find out from your moving company what kind of weather they will or won’t move your things in. Whether it’s snowing, raining or just windy, every moving company is different, so it’s best to ask in advance and save yourself the trouble later.

Be Prepared

Yes, there’s no possible way to plan for an unexpected rainy day in advance, but you can take other things into account and plan accordingly. Is it Summertime? Make sure to lather yourself with plenty of sunscreen and wear a hat to protect your face from the dangerous UV rays.

Call your power company and other utility companies to get things set up a day or two BEFORE you move in, that way you can save yourself a headache and otherwise cold feet!

Here’s some phone numbers to help out all our friends moving into Alabama:

Alabama Power – 1-800-245-2244

Spire (Formerly Alagasco) – 1-800-292-4008

Birmingham Waterworks – 205-244-4000

Protect Your Belongings

Protecting your belongings should be one of the most important things to keep in mind when packing. Yes, you can’t prepare for every weather disaster, but taking necessary precautions can save you a lot of trouble and a whole lot of heartache.

There are definitely a couple of things to prevent damaged electronics and other items. Things like:

  • Pack all of your small cables and electronic devices in small plastic bags before putting them in boxes.
  • Have your Moving Company professionally wrap your larger electronics, like your television, stereo, etc.
  • Wrap artwork and furniture in heavy plastic or towels and sheets
  • Consider shrink wrapping clothes and books before packing them

Plan Your Transportation

Make sure whatever vehicle you are taking is in good condition and clean. If you’re driving in cold weather, pack emergency items you may need in the event that something happens like sliding off the road or something similar. Pack an ice scraper. Plan the route and be aware of alternate routes in case a road gets closed or something similar happens.


Remember, it’s okay to take a break and wait for a storm to pass. If you don’t have a choice, make the best of the situation and stay calm. Keep an eye on where things have been moved to and take pictures so that you can tell if the condition has changed but above all, Enjoy your new home!


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