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Are you looking to move into the home of your dreams in Alabama, but you’re not sure what the best place is for your furry companion? Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the most pet-friendly cities in Alabama that will be perfect for and your pup.


Alexander City

There are few places as wonderful as Alexander City. And this isn’t just the case for people. Nope! Your furry pet will love all of the wonderful activities, dog parks and even gourmet pet food that Alexander City has to offer. If you’re just visiting, there are even wonderfully luxurious hotels that are also pet-friendly!



The Magic City isn’t just magical for you, but also for your pets! Birmingham is the home of Railroad Park, which offers two different walking trails and even fun activities and events the whole family can enjoy without excluding the furry mascots! With countless dog parks and trails, your pet is going to be in high heaven in no time!


Auburn, AL

Yes, there are lots and lots of things that you can do in beautiful Auburn AL! If you decide to move here, you can even bring your pet along with you when it’s time for dinner, because there are countless pet restaurants and pet-friendly coffee shops all around the city. From the amazing Chewacla Park to the relaxing Leisure Time Campground, they’ll be plenty to keep your pet busy in the coming year and after all the stress of moving!


Gulf Shores

From the beach to the park, there are countless wonderful and beautiful places to take your pet and just relax in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Why only vacation at such a beautiful location? Your dog is guaranteed to love this spot as a new permanent home.


Vestavia Hills

Another great place to consider moving with your pet is the gorgeous Vestavia Hills, Alabama. You’re guaranteed to get lots of great walks, food and a beautiful view if you decide to make a place in Vestavia Hills home. You pet is going to love the dog parks and all of the friendly people this little city has to offer!

Yes, there are lots of places in Alabama that are just perfect if you have a furry little friend. When making the decision to move, it’s important to keep the best interests of your pet in mind. Your pet is going to feel loved and pampered at any of these locations, we guarantee it!


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Pet-Friendly Cities to Move to in Alabama