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 Moving is a great opportunity to clean the closets out, get rid of furniture you don’t like, take care of the clutter and even get rid of some toys or even books your kids have outgrown or don’t enjoy anymore. Plus. the more things you get rid of or find new homes for, the less you have to pack. Cool, right? That’s why we’ve made a list of all of the things you should toss out before you move out.

Clothes You Never Wear

If you’re like most people, you probably have at least half a dozen shirts, jeans, dresses, sweaters or vests you never wear. There are a million ways this can happen. Whether you found something you liked and hoped deep down inside it would fit one day, or someone you loved bought you clothes you hated but you didn’t have the heart to tell them, we get the struggle. The good news is that a move gives you the opportunity to get a fresh start. Get rid of all of those outfits and sweaters you hate and never wear. If you’re not 100% confident and love what you’re wearing, get rid of it.

Old Worn-Out Furniture

That’s right. Those pieces of furniture that are worn out and looking pretty shabby? Yeah. You can get rid of those. You’ll want a fresh new look in your new space anyway. A new adventure calls for stylish new furniture. What do you day?

CD and DVD Cases

A few of us in the world are CD and DVD collectors, so I’ll be understanding of that. But in our modern age, there really isn’t a reason to hold onto CD’s or DVD’s. Movies can be bought and rented online, and with a pretty much unlimited amount of music streaming services, CD’s are kind of a thing of the past. If you feel like you have to hold onto the CD’s, get a single case with sleeves to store them in and save the space for something more important.

Toys, Books and Games

If your kids haven’t played with something in six years, it’s probably time to donate it to someone who will. The same goes for books and games, too. If you don’t love the book, donate it. I can guarantee you someone will love it and will appreciate your willingness to give up something you didn’t really need.

Moving is by far one of the best ways to declutter and donate things you don’t need. If you really want to save space, use up the food in your fridge prior to the move. Get rid of posters you’ve outgrown, duplicate items and any extra linens you don’t absolutely have to bring to your new place of residence. Trust me. Decluttering and preparing yourself for your new adventure will make your move so much easier and so much less stressful. Take it from the experts.


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