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Moving in together for the first time can be difficult. There will be a lot of things you didn’t think of that will have to be done and mannerisms and behaviors you might not have noticed that will become obvious after you’ve moved in with your spouse after the wedding. To avoid arguments, you will want to go through this list of things and discuss it carefully.


Money is always a topic that you should discuss very openly with your new spouse. Who buys what and who pays for what? Are you going to combine your income and decide upon a budget together? How will monthly expenses be met? Things like: electricity, water, rent and more? These are all questions that you should be very open to discussing with your new spouse and come to an agreement before moving day arrives.

“Cleaning Time!”

Yes, it may seem a boring thing to do after the excitement of the wedding, but it is something you should put time into discussing before it gets out of hand. The beauty of compromise is that both of you probably have different expectations towards how the cleaning is going to happen, so figuring it out beforehand is in both of your best interests.

Working Together

There is a lot to do and a lot to think about when it comes to moving. From packing up your rooms and belongings to hiring a moving company you trust to execute the procedure, there is a whole lot of crazy planning required and both of you will need to work out a schedule that will be suitable. With the help of your significant other, you can expect that things will become loads of more fun and much, much easier than if you were winging it alone.

Style It Up

It’s totally okay to have different tastes than your spouse. Different furniture preference, paint color, etc. This is all great and wonderful, but remember that decorating presents a world of diversity that you should work very hard to carefully make decisions about as a couple. It’s important to learn to make your tastes harmonize with that of your spouse. Compromise, plan and enjoy the new place you will create with the love of your life!

It’s Okay to Have a Place of Your Own

Though you will be living together, you don’t have to share everything. It’s totally okay to have a place of your own. Maybe there is a closet that is all his and a drawer that is all hers. Either way, don’t freak out if your partner wants a little place of their own. This is totally understandable and should be embraced.

Communication is Key

If you want a truly successful relationship, you must communicate. This is even more important for newlyweds to understand when they’re moving in together for the first time. Never allow a problem or a concern to fester without communicating it to your partner. Moving in is a challenge for anyone, but moving in with someone else who has needs and desires just like you is even more so. Be considerate. Share your opinions, thoughts, dreams. These are the things that truly make a strong couple.

Appreciate the moment

When you’re in the middle of a move, it’s really easy to slip into the mindset that you can’t have a good time. Yeah, moving is stressful. That’s why it’s important to maintain the harmony of your relationship. And not just that. Take the time to improve it. This is real life and this is what marriage is about. We know you can make it work. Just takes a little patience.

Moving is hard. Moving in with someone else is even harder, but it can also be wildly exciting. Just remember to be patient, understanding and supportive. Embrace the change. Enjoy the moment and look forward to a great life with your partner in your new home.


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