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Are you moving out of your parent’s house for the first time? Are you filled with apprehension about how it’s going to work and how to make it as smooth a transition as possible? Let us help ease your stress by giving you some great tips for moving out of your parent’s house for the first time.


Communication Is Key

When it comes to working with your parents, communication is key. Whether your parents are the type to want you to stay forever or get on your way, the best way to make a smooth move is by communicating with them your intentions. Remember, they’re probably going to be sad to see you go even if they are excited for you. Be considerate.


Determine Your Budget

If you’re planning on renting, you need to find out exactly what your monthly budget is and how much it will cost for you to live alone.You need to factor in insurance, gas, food, rent and other expenses. It can be difficult to establish and determine what your budget is, but it’s a great first step for moving out of your parent’s house.


Packing Up

It’s time to pack up! A wonderful way for the last minute bonding opportunity with your parents is to let them help you pack everything up and move it into your new place. If you’re apprehensive about certain things being gone through, let them help you with the simple stuff. Clothes, books, etc. Pack your non-essentials first and then pack your essentials last. Like toiletries and things like that.


Set Up Utilities

Since you’ve been living with your parents, you haven’t probably realized that there is a need for utilities. Before you move in, set up your utilities so that you’ll have light and…you know…running water.



You did it! Now it’s time to break out some chips and soda and invite all of your friends over to enjoy the new place. But….don’t forget that your parents would love it if you invited them, too. You can party with just the buddies later. It’s a great way to make a transition smoother if you include them in the process.


Making the transition from living with your parents to living alone can be difficult, but we know you’ll enjoy the adventure and so will they!

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