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Whether you have a little pooch or a big dog, moving your furry little friend into an apartment can be a difficult task. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of things that can help make their transition a little easier. Both on you, and your best friend!

Don’t Leave Them Alone!

No animal likes to be left alone, but when you’re moving it’s especially important not to leave them alone in an unfamiliar place. Remember, an apartment is a strange place for a pooch. Give them lots of love and spend lots of time with them during and directly after your move to help them feel more at home in your new apartment.

Teach Noise Control

It’s no secret that dogs love to bark. Something both you and your pup are going to have to get used to is sharing a wall with neighbors. In apartments especially, noise control is very important. When you’re making that transition for the first time teach your dog when it’s okay to bark and when it’s not can be a difficult task, but in the end, it will be worth it. After all, having your pet kicked out of the apartment isn’t any fun.

Create Routine

Putting your pet on a routine is one of the best things you can ever do when it comes to living in an apartment. Potty time, feeding, watering and sleeping should be a on rotation so that your dog knows what to expect and when to expect it. This will keep whining, barking, scratching and clawing to a minimum and give you happy neighbors.

Be a Good Neighbor

Teaching your pet to be a good neighbor is hard. Especially on larger breeds and happy little barkers. When it comes to living in an apartment with your furry best friend, we recommend lots of exercise and maybe some soothing music to help calm your dog down and cover up the barking.

We know you’ll enjoy emBARKing on a brand new adventure with your dog. Even when things get difficult, it’s nice to know that you can rely on their joy and tail-wagging to make it all better. Enjoy your move!


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