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Are you getting ready to move into a college dorm? It can be a pretty scary experience, but luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of all of the things you need to know before moving into your college dorm and setting off on your brand new adventure.

What Can I Bring?

There are some things you can bring and some that you cannot. Some college dorms won’t allow you to remove existing furniture, so make sure what you have can fit in the space provided. Talk to the people in charge and ask them what is okay and what isn’t. And don’t pack so much into your dorm that you can’t function.

What Facilities will be Provided?

This is a very important question. Find out if a laundry facility is provided and if it will take cash, coins or a card. Will they provide a kitchen? Most do, but won’t have dishes, so when you’ve found out, pack accordingly. Are the bathrooms communal? Is there a bank on campus?

How will groceries be handled? These are all questions that you will want answers to BEFORE moving in.

Should I worry About Insurance?

The property owners are not going to be responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items.

If you want insurance, you will have to provide it for yourself. If you’re unsure about how to obtain insurance, it’s a great question to ask and research.

Is There Anything Else I should Ask?

There are lots and lots of questions you can ask that getting answers to will make your move into a dorm so much easier. If you’re not sure about what to ask, we’ve got some for you.

  • Can I ship some of my stuff to my dorm before I move?

  • How do I get to the residence and where do I park?

  • Will there be people there to help me?

  • Do I need to label all my stuff?

  • How much time do I have to move in?

  • What other activities will happen on moving day?

Getting some answers to your questions about moving into a dorm will make your new adventure less stressful and much more exciting. We hope you enjoy your move!