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Homeownership can be extremely rewarding, but it’s not for everyone. Renting a home or an apartment is significantly cheaper, comes with fewer repairs and can be just as equally rewarding. So today, here are the seven best cities in the United States for renters according to landmarks, affordability and ease of access to hospitals, shopping and schools!


St. Louis, Missouri


Did you know that you can rent a one-bedroom apartment in St. Louis for under a thousand dollars?? It’s true! St. Louis is not only filled with gorgeous tourist attractions, (St. Louis Arch anyone?) but it’s also perfect for anyone looking for a great place to settle down. If you settle on St. Louis, get ready to rent in a picturesque city filled with hopes, dreams and plenty of coffee shops to fall in love with.


Wichita, Kansas


Wichita, Kansas is a great place to rent an apartment because not only is Wichita, Kansas the cheapest place to rent an apartment in the US, it also has some of the prettiest landscapes. And if you like the sun, you’ll be surprised to know that Wichita also typically has 250 sunny days in a year! Sounds wonderful, right?


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


What better place to rent an apartment than in Oklahoma City?! You might not be aware, but Oklahoma City has some of the cleanest air in the country and is still the Cowboy Capital of the United States. Isn’t that neat?


Knoxville, Tennessee


Tennessee is well known for its lovely views, picturesque mountains, and that friendly Southern charm. It’s probably not too much of a surprise that Tennessee made it on this list. If you love boating, then you’ll LOVE Knoxville! Here, you can enjoy a scenic boat ride through the surrounding states.  


Dayton, Ohio


Ready to pay less than a thousand dollars a month in rent? Then Dayton, Ohio is the place to be! Most especially if you’re an inventor type, because Dayton is home to the Wright Brothers First Invention of the Plane, the invention of the Step Ladder, Cash Register and even the pop-top soda can!


The US has so many wonderful places to settle down, and it’s hard to choose just one place to call home, isn’t it? We hope you’ve enjoyed our little list of the best US cities for renters. Look out for more great tips, tricks and treats!