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childproofing your next move


Moving can present a host of issues when it comes to kids. Whether it’s tantrums on the way to the new house, unpacking boxes as you pack or plain old moving blues, moving can be tough for a kid and it results in stress for the parents. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience! Here are a few effective ways to childproof your move.


Pack During the Nap


That’s right. Whether you’re moonlighting as Super Mover or laying them down for a three o’clock snooze before dinner, packing up anything and ESPECIALLY their toys or stuffed animals is best done when they can’t watch you stuff Mr. Stuffed Monkey in a box. Always leave out at least one box of toys and a coloring book or two to keep them busy during the day, though.


Accept the Offered Moving Help


We’re all guilty. Someone asks to help and we say we don’t need any help, but secretly we’re dying and haven’t needed help more than we do at that moment we say we don’t need it. Stop worrying about what people think and say YES!


If a friend or a family member is offering to help watch the kiddos or take them somewhere so you can focus, take them up on it and make the most of the time you have to pack things up in peace. And don’t forget to sit down and enjoy the quiet with a cup of coffee, too.


Color Code: GREEN


One of the best things you can do for yourself is color-code the boxes holding your children’s things. Red tape for toys, blue for clothes, green for books, etc. This will make pulling the things that you need the most out so much easier. If you have multiple children just choose two or three colors for each child or just do a solid color for each kid.


Moonlighting is Your Friend


Seriously. Packing and getting rid of things at night will be so much easier than if you’re getting rid of things while your kids are watching. If you’re carrying the Thrift Store pile to the car while your kid is watching, they’ll decide you’re the Devil himself for carting off those toys they’ve never played with, or the blankets with all the holes in them. Learn to get rid of things at night and your whole family will be happier.


Childproofing your move isn’t difficult. It just takes time, thought and MUCH prior planning. Don’t wait to start packing things up until two or three weeks before your move. Begin months in advance and you’ll be so glad you did.


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