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Getting ready to move? Are you taking this Summer break as the perfect chance for making the move of your dreams?

Well slow down and take some time to read a few helpful tips before you hire a moving company and set off, because Summer happens to be one of the busiest moving seasons and there are a couple of things you’ll definitely want to set straight before packing too many more boxes. Are you ready?


When Not to Move in the Summer


For a lot of people looking to move, Summer can be one of the best times to move everyone and everything from one place to another. However, Summer is also insanely busy for all the moving companies and truck rental places around Birmingham, so be aware that it’s going to be just a little more difficult in the Summer to get ahold of someone who can help you make your move.

If you can, don’t schedule on a weekend as this is definitely the most busy time for moving companies. Try for the middle of the week and most certainly never try to book your move on a holiday!


Stick To Your Moving Checklist


And don’t deviate from it unless you absolutely have to. This can save you time, money and will keep your stress about forgetting anything to a minimum. Sticking to a list will also help you organize what tasks to do first and better manage what little time we know you have to do everything that has to be done for a move before it has to happen. Stick with a list and you’ll never get stuck.


Declutter As Much As Possible


That’s right! The less you have the less you have to pack, right?! Moving is a perfect time to get rid of knick-knacks you don’t want and things you don’t need to make room later for the things that really matter. Downsizing before you move might seem like a difficult thing to put into action, but it’s quite simple if you move one room at a time and then sort things by what to keep, what to toss and what to give away.

Moving is stressful but it can also be a great family bonding time and a great opportunity to keep clutter to a minimum. One of the best parts about moving in the Summer? The weather is perfectly gorgeous and it’s easier to execute your ultimate dream move. Happy moving!