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Getting ready to move? Worried about how you’re going to make everything fit into boxes and how it’s all going to safely end up at your new home? Don’t sweat it anymore because we’ve compiled all the best tips for moving this summer right here. Ready? Let’s go!



Get Rid of Things


Toss it, toss it, toss it! Not everything, but downsizing is VERY good for a move. Less stuff=less boxes=less to move=less stress=more happiness. Have a dress you haven’t worn in three years? What about that spare bike that’s been sitting in the garage? Empty jars you swore you’d use for a craft project ten years ago? No matter what it happens to be, donate, donate, donate, because lightening the load is the first step to a stress free move and keeping things on the simple side.


Create a Master List


Lists are one of our all-time favorite things, right? Especially during a move when it’s very possible to lose track of the 10,000 things that need doing. Creating a master list of everything you need to pack, move and plan is one of the best things you can do to make sure nothing is neglected or forgotten. Plus, you get the satisfaction of checking those boxes!


Pack a Personal Overnight Bag


Nobody ever gets everything unpacked in a day. You don’t want to be scrambling around trying to find your toothbrush, hairbrush or the Q-Tips or maybe your medication the first night in your new home. Packing a personal bag can save you the hassle of losing things and digging through every box looking for your pajamas or the kids favorite stuffed teddy. And don’t forget to make a list for everything that needs to go in this bag, either.


Always Start Early


If you can, start packing and making plans at least a month before the move. Pack up everything you won’t need, like photo albums, large picture frames, out of season clothing and electronics. If you like watching movies, why not go ahead and pack up the DVD player or whatever equipment you’ll need to watch movies at the new house.


Remember also to book babysitters and friends that want to help out as early as possible. Not only to be courteous but also because it’s much easier to find time to help when people know what to plan around.

Packing to move is an experience few people really enjoy, but we want to change that. Why make moving a chore when it can be fun? After all, moving to a new place is a new adventure and we believe that with the right planning, tools and help, your move can be better than you ever thought possible. Happy moving, Birmingham!


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