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Relocating your business or office is an undeniably time-consuming and energy-draining task. It’s never fun and always impacts productivity. And if you only had a choice, you’d probably rather not move at all. But it shouldn’t have to be that stressful.


what would you look for in a good office moving company?


Getting professional help from a trusted moving company like Easy Moves, would help make the whole process seamless, more efficient and convenient for the whole workforce as well as beneficial for the company as a whole.


Lifting the burden of moving your office furniture from your employees would allow them to focus on their jobs instead of preparing for the upcoming relocation, which will take away their time and efforts.


But what qualities should you look for when hiring a moving company?


Consider only licensed moving companies.


Take time to do thorough and proper research on each moving companies you are considering. Be sure to know the following:

  • Licensing and insurance
  • Their customer service history
  • If they are listed on the Better Business Bureau
  • If they have a lot of good reviews online or not

The internet is such a powerful tool for small business owners. A local mover that has been around for quite some time will surely have enough reviews on Google or social media. So be sure to maximize the use of web research to ensure you hire an office mover that is both professional and efficient. You definitely do not want to end up with shattered office equipment and a time-consuming claim. Right?


Years of experience.


Right now things are good, and downtown Birmingham is absolutely booming! But with the ups and downs of the economy, only the best local movers stand the test of time. When we say years of experience, it doesn’t mean they have to have been there for ages though. Moving is a seasonal business and even in the best of economies, things slow down in the winter.

things slow down for commercial movers in the winter

They may have been in the business for just a couple of years, but that’s plenty of time for the market to decide if they are here to stay or not.


The other important thing that you need to consider is their years of experience specifically in relocating offices. Commercial moving is very different from a residential home move. Because it requires a different set of skills, knowledge, and tools than residential moving, look for companies that have been advertising commercial moving for years.


One super-easy way to do this is to use the Internet Archive. Simply put their web address into the field at the top and take a look at their website a few years back. Were they advertising commercial moving then? If so, chances are good they’ve worked out systems and processes to make your next commercial move an EASY MOVE.




is important and crucial. So be sure to make note of your first impression of the level of professionalism each company displays. Professional movers are well versed and know exactly what they’re saying so be sure to be vigilant enough.


Ask as many questions as you can and they should be open enough to share as many information as they can. If you feel something’s not right, believe your guts and move on to another one.


They should be able to provide you with a custom quote.


Online quotations are fairly accurate for residential customers but are quite different for moving offices. Aside from the fact that moving an office is a lot more complicated because of expensive office equipment, it also has an added challenge of coordinating tasks between departments and ensuring everything is as smoothly as possible throughout the entire time of transition. So it is a must that you ask, and they should be willing enough to provide a custom quote.


If you reach out to Easy Moves, we can often provide you with a rough quote over the phone. We simply ask a few questions and get the total office square footage. That way, we can provide a range and if you want to proceed we may or may not require a visit to determine the exact price. It really all depends on your office equipment and the timing of your move.


Have an upcoming office move? Look no further! Let Easy Moves make your office move EASY!