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Carefully packing your breakable items during a move is a must since you don’t want those beloved porcelain antiques to end up in shards, right? You’ve been taking care of them for years and risking them breaking during a move is a big no-no as it will surely break your heart too.


packing fragile items


Below are some important tips from Easy Moves to help you ensure the safety of your porcelain and other fragile friends.


Give packing enough time. Prepare in advance.


You need to give enough time and patience to securely pack valuable crystal, porcelain and other breakables. Don’t rush.  If you are not hiring movers, and will do the move on your own, prepare in advance.


Have the right tools.


Here are the tools you should have on-hand during packing:

  1. Quality boxes in various sizes
  2. Packing paper
  3. Bubble wrap
  4. Pliable cardboard
  5. Scissors
  6. Packing Tape
  7. Bold felt marker
  8. A nice large table to work on


It’s also important not to use old cardboard boxes as they become flimsy over the years.


Don’t overpack.


Don’t overpack each box. Applying extra packing tape will not keep it covered. Bulging boxes make it much harder for you and your movers. It’s actually so much better to get more boxes than over stuffing them.


For odd-shaped items, be generous with the boxes. And when it comes to those particularly fragile, irreplaceable heirlooms deserve a box to themselves.


Pillow-Top Packing


Placing a blanket at the bottom and a pillow on top of each boxes that contains breakable items is strongly advised.


Over communicate


Properly seal up each box and label it with “FRAGILE”. On the top, sides, bottom — everywhere. Over communication is the key.


Complete wrapping


Completely wrap each glasses, cups and mugs. For extra fragile items like  wine glasses, pack it with 2 layers of packing paper. Make sure that everything is packed snugly, to prevent jiggling.


Lastly, only trust a professional mover if you’re hiring one. Easy Moves is one of the best licensed moving companies in Birmingham. Providing full-service MOVING & STORAGE for your home or business.