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Moving internationally sounds really exciting. You’ve got to start a whole new life, meet new friends, dive into exciting adventures but with all that being said, it all comes with a price. And we’re not talking just a couple of dollars here. Sounds a bit scary now, huh? But like everything else, you can always try to find ways to save money and keep your international move wallet-friendly. Easy Moves has some useful tips that you can take into consideration to make your move cheaper. Check these out before your move.


Plan your expenses EARLY!



what are some tips for keeping an international move cheap


Though you cannot be 100% sure that your plan will be fully implemented during your move, it’s very important to know what the main expenses are. That way, you can prioritize and identify which costs you can avoid. It’s also strongly advised to do your budgeting early on so you can account for additional funds needed and be able to find a way to get those funds before your actual move. Shop around for different rates from moving companies, but don’t always go with the lowest quote. Check reviews and make sure you’re dealing with a reputable transfer company.


Book your flight ahead of time and at the right moment.



book your flight early


We’ve always been led to believe that purchasing tickets way ahead of your actual flight is the best way to get cheaper prices. But actually it isn’t. Yes you should get your tickets in advance, but not too early or as soon as they are released. Here are some specific tips on buying your tickets:


  • Buy your tickets 7 weeks in advance for short haul flights and 18 weeks in advance for long haul flights.
  • Airlines recommend Sunday as the best day to book your plane tickets
  • Know the off-peak seasons of the place you’re heading to. Airlines generally offer cheap flights and deals on tickets during those times.


Get rid of stuff you don’t need.


throw away stuff you dont need before an international move



Bringing a lot of stuff during your international move will not only cost you money but also a lot of effort and stress when it’s time to unpack at your destination. So, check your things and get rid of those that you can. You can plan a garage sale and make some extra cash to add to your pocket during your trip to the other side of the world. Or call a local charity that schedules donation pickups, and be sure to record it for your taxes next year.


Don’t overpack your bags to avoid overweight fees.


don't overpack your suitcase before an international flight.



Weighing your bags before you go is a must or be ready to pay those annoying overweight fees. These are unnecessary expenses that you can well avoid if you plan and prepare before your actual move.


Choose sea freight over air freight for your stuff.


ship by sea freight to save money


Keep important and essential things with you during your flight but we strongly suggest that you ship the rest of your things via sea. It may take some time, but you will save a lot by doing this as sea freight is way cheaper than air shipments.


You could even split your belongings into two shipments if you have some items that just have to be there in a reasonable amount of time. Important items can go into air freight while the stuff you can live without for a month or so gets shipped by sea.


It’s hard to leave the country you learned to love and try your luck with a totally new place. But if you need to move to another country, we hope those tips would help you ease the load of moving internationally. Bon Voyage!