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Congratulations! You’ve finally reached your new home! But wait. It’s not time for a good movie yet. You still have a long day ahead of you. But let Easy Moves help you unpack quickly and settle into your new home in no time with these tips.


Be ready with your inventory list.


It’s important that you know what you are unpacking. If you hired a mover, they probably have created one for you. Or you should have created one way back when you were packing your things to prepare for the relocation.


Unpack the essentials box first.


Essentials box contains all the things that you and your family would need during the first few hours or days in your new home. As what its name suggest, it contain all the essential things to keep your home running. Those are things that will help you prepare the family’s meal, clean your home, first aid kit, and some also include electronics to keep the kids and the rest of the family entertained while you work on unpacking the rest of your things. So it should be first on your list.




Plan the room first before unpacking too many boxes. This will help you avoid you unpacking items that you don’t need yet.


If possible, get some help.


Friends and family members are fun to be around with but aside from that, they would also be of great help. So if they have some spare time, you can ask them to help with the unpacking. Then get them some good dinner or prepare a few drinks after the work.


Work on the kitchen next.


With the essentials ready, work on your kitchen next. Believe us, you will use this room most during your first few hours and days in your new home. If you properly labelled your boxes prior to moving, it would be easier to locate the boxes that contains your kitchen things.


You don’t have to completely unpack your kitchen if you don’t have enough time. Focus on the things and small appliances that would help make your life easier like coffee pot or your toaster. You can organize your kitchen after the rest of the house is unpacked.


Prepare your bathroom next.


Work on your bathroom next. Your essentials box should contain important things for your bathroom like your medication kit, towels, soaps, toothbrush etc.


Move on to the bedrooms.


Prepare the boxes that should go through each of the room. If you properly labeled each boxes, it would be a lot easier to assign them to each of the rooms and prepare each room on your first night.


Work on the furniture first then prepare the linens and the rest of the bedroom stuff. You can let each family member unpack the things that goes to their own rooms.


Unpack the rest of the house – living room and dining room.


It’s advised to work on the living room and dining room last because this is where most of your large furniture is to be placed. Which means it would eat up a lot of your time. Having the rest of the room ready while your working on organizing these rooms would make your life a bit easier.


No one said moving is easy. It’s full of stress and too much sweat! But keep your cool. You’ll be able to settle into your new home in no time if you properly pack, move and unpack.