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On the Move: 7 Tips for Packing Your Kitchen

Moving can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to your kitchen.  In most kitchens, you are likely to find most anything - breakables, things you will need to unpack right away and even those catch-all drawers.  With these 7 easy tips, you’ll have your kitchen...

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Office Moving Tips

Get Ready You’re preparing to move into your new office. You’ve got some coffee, a clipboard, and enough time off to make the move. Maybe you’re a little nervous about moving things around. After all, you’ve never relocated everything in your office space before....

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Top 5 Reasons Why People Move to a New Place

If you've ever moved before, you know what a hassle it can be. So why do people move? Here are our top 5 reasons why people move to new places, no matter the inconvenience. A Change in Neighborhood  Some people just want a change of scene, or a new school system....

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Surprise! Your Move Could Be Tax Deductible

Is moving in your future or recent past?  You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that your move very well may be tax deductible.  The catch?  Just don’t overdo it. Last year alone, an estimated 11% of the American population moved.  Moving isn’t cheap.  If you...

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Moving Company Infographic free for Sharing

Moving Company Marketing Resources: Free-to-use Infographics about Moving and Storage Here's a free resource for anyone in the moving industry! Feel free to use this image for any of your marketing needs. We just ask that you follow any relevant copyright laws and...

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5 Packing Tips

5 Packing Tips | Birmingham Movers Packing can be the most confusing time in your move, especially with all the boxes, packing tape and labeling. Whether you choose to let us do it all with our full-service moving, or elect to do it all yourself; packing will be a...

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Everything You Need to Know About Moving Boxes

Everything You Need to Know About Moving Boxes Boxes! It seems like they are everywhere until it’s time to move... Then you're stuck begging the employees at the grocery store if you plan to DIY your move. If you go through a moving company, they can usually provide...

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Questions to Ask Your Movers | Birmingham, AL

Questions to Ask Your Movers in Birmingham, AL Your move date is almost here! Are you prepared? Do you have a list of questions to ask before you decide on a moving company in Birmingham, AL? Choosing the right moving company doesn't have to be difficult. Here's a few...

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Birmingham Moving Companies: Who to Choose

Birmingham Moving Companies: Who to Choose Choosing a moving company in Birmingham shouldn’t be rocket science. So, we’re here to help you choose the best moving company to fit the unique needs of you or your business. FIRST, CHECK THE REVIEWS… One of the most...

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